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Pediatric Dentistry

Why Choose Us

Our aim at TKD Washington is creating a genuine culture of compassion and growing a relationship of trust and understanding.  We strive to make your child’s oral health experience unique to them and their specific needs.  Our pediatric dental team is specialized in age-appropriate oral health teaching and treatment to help you and your child live life smiling, the way we do at The Kids’ Dentist Washington!

Patients Priotized - The Kids Dentist

Advanced Care

Our offices provide the latest technology and practices to provide the highest possible care for your child.

Comfort for kids - The Kids Dentist

Comfort for Kids

We offer safe sedation for youngsters, relieving fear and preventing discomfort, providing a peaceful visit with us and peace for parents.

patients prioritized - The Kids Dentist

Patients Prioritized

Our dental care team provides the highest quality service, caring attention, and education for children aged 1 and up.

Meet our Dentists

Board-certified Pediatric Dentist

Professional and compassionate describes our team of board-certified pediatric dentists. Our specialty is providing dental care that suits the special needs of children as they grow. Great dentistry is much more than just oral health — it is about a team that cares.

What People are saying

Such a great office!  Everyone is so friendly.  The office is so clean and such a fun environment.  My little girl can be very shy at first and clingy to me, but the staff is so patient and slowly gets her to warm up. Dr. Dansie is really great at explaining what he needs to do and making my little one feel at ease.

My family absolutely loves the Kids Dentist in Renton!  They are so patient and sweet with all three of my kids.  Two of my children DO NOT like the dentist, but they are so patient with them and do things on their time to make them feel comfortable to get the care they deserve!  I drive from Bellevue to Renton, just for their amazing service!  Wish I could see them myself!

What an amazing experience! I took my 3 y/o to another dentist in Puyallup who confirmed 4 cavities and required 1 pediatric root canal and 4 crowns.  Thankfully, I got a second opinion from The Kids Dentist in Gig Harbor who did not recommend such invasive procedures, but rather to monitor her cavities and thus far, no negative progression has ensued. What a game changer for a little girl and a worried mother!  Plus, the design relaxes my daughter, she loves playing there and begs to stay afterward to play on the boat in the lobby.  Last visit she made a friend with another patient!  What dentist office can one go to that a child enjoys?  THIS ONE!

This place was awesome!  My 6 year old is new to The Kids Dentist Highlands & she needed oral surgery.  Like… alot of work done.  Dr. Jared and Dr. Lee were so awesome! Communicated with us during surgery and checked up on us during the recovery time.  The staff was so friendly and always asked if we needed anything.  My daughter has anxiety about medical stuff, so I’m happy her experience was GREAT!  We found a keeper!!!

Dr. Brian has always been so kind and informative.  My 4 year old had a big procedure that required being put under general anesthesia.  He and his staff did everything right to make us as nervous parents feel at ease and that we had all our questions answered.  I refer The Kids Dentist to all my local mom friends!

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